Theodore Yumba


What is the Spatial Turn?

You’re probably like me sitting in front of your computer and reading this title containing the word “spatial” and the first thing that comes into your mind is that we will be talking about space and history or the history of space. Well, not exactly, but close. The article I’m going to talk about is about space but on earth!

The term spacial turn refers to comparing the new mapping system against the data and old questions from the past. For example in anthropology when they describe how Basso historical evidence that many before didn’t, thanks to the spacial turn. It doesn’t spot there, the spatial turn has much application in architecture for example with the “vernacular landscape” or “vernacular architecture,” which allows distinguishing different cultures, populations a movement through history with more precision.


I like the fact that with a mapping technique that detects a change in the landscape, the buildings, roads and other tools from our environment, we can easily make history more accurate but also, we are able to put it on a timeline and watch evolution over time.

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