Theodore Yumba


Peak Work Progress

Our PEAK project team (Rowan, Wade and me) is making progress. We are on time in our schedule. We choose to do our Peak about squirrels, but more specifically about the squirrels on our Concordia Campus in Moorhead. We have reached out to Dr. Whittaker and are working alongside with him to have all of the information possible on the subject. Dr. Whittaker has lots of information about the squirrels on campus and gave us references and books to look at to have more information about the different species living on our campus. We started to gather information together. This week we’ve pretty much started working on the Omeka website and we made significant progress. We set up the Omeka website and we started by selecting a specific theme for the website. We’re trying to get used to the Omeka website. We were trying to learn as much as we can on how to use the Omeka website to put specific content and pictures and links on the website that will be available to do broad public. It’s interesting to learn to work with Omeka. One of the drawbacks that faced was updating the theme on Omeka. We had to work on the backend through the Cpanel and have access to the website directory via FTP. From there, we modified the theme and customized it for the website. it was a great learning experience and we still have a lot of work to come. Each team member has agreed to put in the amount of work and effort necessary to complete this project. In the end, I don’t think there will be any issues regarding the amount of work each one of us has to put towards the project.

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