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Last thought about my Doing Digital History class

Where should I start because there is so much to talk about?

When I first looked at the class and I found out that it would help me to fulfill many of my major requirements I just took it because I thought it was a class on the history of technology and digital devices. I thought it would be a class like any other one with a lot of paper to write a lot of books to read and no fun at all with big presentations and long papers due at the end. It turned out that this class was more interesting than I thought. I learned a lot just by reading a couple of articles and talking about them sharing them with my classmate. It was a whole new experience that I would never have thought about having while I’m in college.

This new learning approach was very beneficial for me because it kept me interested in the class and I actually learned something Indian end. I’ve learned how to build perfectly a website that can be accessed by my future employers and people that want to get to know me. The good thing about this class is that I get out of this class with a lot more knowledge about how to do digital history but also I’ve learned a lot more than that. One of my favorite articles from this class was the one for copyright. I’ve never thought I would learn about copyright in a history class this is my first time ever. I really like the experiential approach that our professor took to teach this class because he kept every single one of us engaged. She encouraged us to participate as much as we can to speak up and to give our opinion, which is a very useful skill when one day we will be entering our professional life. What we’ve learned in this class will help us in the future and it’s especially in your career.

This class allowed me to go beyond what is already known about WordPress websites and to push myself to learn new skills in order to be suitable for this class. As a take-out, I get out of this class with a lot more knowledge, a lot more wisdom, and stronger skills than I had before attending the class. It was a really great experience and I will recommend that to anybody that wants to take a history class.

The group project turned out to be more enjoyable than expected. I’ve been lucky to partner with Wade and Rowan, they’re two amazing teammates who were always ready to help when I needed it. When we first started working on the project, we had to make a plan about the meeting schedule and the way we were going to divide the tasks to work efficiently. We needed the project to be completed on time. We first started by choosing a topic which we were gonna talk about and I have to admit that the start was a little bit chaotic because another group wanted to work on the same project. To not make it worse, it was hard at the beginning to get in contact with Dr. Whitaker.

Once we finally got in contact with him we agreed to meet with the other group that choose the same topic as us and figured out what to do. Finally, we choose to focus on squirrels on Concordia’s campus. After choosing the topic we begin to work on the website right away. In the project proposition, it was recommended for us to use Omeka which uses Dublin core in order to facilitate the exchange of information across different libraries by work citing them, referencing them, and providing a lot more information that is relevant for research and study. When we started working on the Omeka website part of the Welther-Museum project, we quickly realize that the platform wasn’t suitable for everybody and that it will be hard for us to pass the website on as well as do the maintenance and managing the website especially to someone who doesn’t know a lot about computer programing. It was easy for me to navigate and to change some aspects of the website like the theme and some other features my classmates who didn’t know how to access a file through FTP didn’t know what to do to make the modifications that they needed to make.

We quickly realized that we needed another platform that would be first users, have the same capability as the Omeka website and its Dublin Core Core software. We also needed to have a website that would be visually appealing for our viewers and customers. This is why we choose to use WordPress because it’s easier to maintain, it has a beautiful design with themes that are easy to install, and even more features than Omeka. This change added some delay to our work progress, and we quickly got familiar with it. Since WordPress is very intuitive, it was easier for all of us to work on it together at the same time. My task in this group project was to take care of the design aspect and technical aspect like including the Dublin Core technology into the website to make it look just a little bit like Omeka. I had to take care of optimizing the website sued that it runs faster and I also implemented a notification system that will notify a user from either California or either the European Union about the website’s cookie policy in order to comply with the different regulations across the globe. Wade was mostly in charge of the text and the writing and Rowan was taking care of the design aspect of the website and putting content that will be found on the website so that it’s well presented and easily accessible to everybody.

During this process of working on the project, I have to admit that we run into a lot of challenges but we’ve finally got through it and we are pretty much proud of the result. Anne as a take-out again I can say that I improve my team effort and my capacity to speak up when I have something important to say. I also improved my communication skills as well as my time management. In the end, I will recommend anybody whether it’s an upcoming freshman or a current student at Concordia, to take this class because I had a lot of fun while learning. That is something which I haven’t seen in any other class on campus so I would definitely recommend people to join that class.

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